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Bircher Muesli, Day Starter Powerhouse 🥣

Oats are rich in a number of nutrients including fiber, carbohydrates, plant-based protein and B vitamins that together, can help aid digestion, reduce oxidative stress in the gut, lower cholesterol levels and boost brain function. Oats are also good sources of Iron and Biotin – an essential enzyme that’s been proven to help treat hair thinning and loss. ⁣

Bircher Muesli, a healthy energy booster. It’s easy to make and you can store the ingredients over a long period of time. ⁣


Soaking oats overnight helps break down starches, making it easier for our bodies to digest and absorb their essential nutrients. ⁣⁣Mix 3/4 cup of oats with 1 cup of oat milk and add a handful of raisins, sliced almonds and a teaspoon of cinnamon for extra protein and sweetness. ⁣⁣Leave in the fridge overnight and in the morning, add honey, yoghurt and grated apples to taste.

💫⁣⁣Boost your Muesli way: You can add other ingredients like chia seeds or other nuts, different kinds of milk, bananas etc. I like to sprinkle dark coco powder for extra antioxidants

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