Summer Hair Game

Coming off a long stint in ‘Covid’ quarantine, our hair care regime should be on point, right? No better time to start then NOW! To get quick healthy hair the cure are oils, rich in essential fatty nutrients and treatments that give your hair smooth just got trimmed bounce . The trick is to find a few that are packed with all the good stuff without weighing your down and no greasy locks:

@gisou oil

Mirsalehi Honey is the key ingredient and a natural blend of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. It is also known as nature’s humectant, due to its moisture-retaining properties. Resulting in deeply conditioned, stronger hair.

@prose oil

Custom hair care oil, deigned just for you! The hair care line custom curates this oil potion and is continually improving and evolving with YOUR HAIR over time. Prose’s motto says it all, “Making things custom is the only way to give everyone their best individual results.”

Every Prose formula is a unique combination chosen from safe and sustainable ingredients. We’ve also included the EWG scores of each—we’re proud that the vast majority come in at 1. Just like in golf, we’re always going for a lower score here. 1-2: High safety / 3-6: Moderate safety / 7-10: Low safety – What does this mean: EWG’s Scores aims to guide people to greener, healthier, and cleaner choices. Users can find an overall score, from 1 (best) to 10 (worst), for every product in the food database 🙂

@remiliahair cosmocaps

Awesome leave in Cosmocaps, use it sparingly! Daily serum, keratin hair treatment to strengthen hair and increase shine. The compound is curated for Dry damaged hair…Studies show a 43% reduction in frizz and breakage after the first use. One capsule is just too much for my hair and they can be hard to store once opened.

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